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Confirmed: O2 is getting updated to the Pre Plus

by The Keith Newman Thu, 29 Apr 2010 3:02 pm EDT


It seems like O2 loves dropping the sweet information to us in tweets doesn't it?  Well, they've done it again. @Mechanical_Mind gave us a heads up that UK O2 users will see the Pre Plus (Pre+ to its friends) that Verizon users have known and loved since January.   No other details are being given by O2 beyond "It's coming", so don't look around for dates and pricing just yet.  The interesting thing about this is that O2 was one of the first carriers to carry the Palm Pre device in Europe and they aren't waiting for the successor; They are going to do up UK like they did in Germany.  It's doubtful they will still carry the original for much longer with the latest and greatest around; Now we wonder if Sprint is going to jump on the same thing here in the US or hold out for the mythical creature known as the C40.

[via @Mechanical_Mind, source @O2]