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'Consolidation of functions' -- layoffs -- hitting the Palm ranks

by Phil Nickinson Wed, 07 Jul 2010 3:14 pm EDT

We all knew a few jobs likely would be in jeopardy in the wake of HP's purchase of Palm, and the "consolidation" axe is dropping, says All Things D's John Paczkowski. An HP spokesman told him "Part of the integration strategy is consolidation of functions and operations, as appropriate," which is a dark cloud, for sure, but should be tempered by the otherwise warm reception Palm employees got from HP's Phil McKinney earlier this week. The Palm spokesman echoed that, also telling Paczkowski, “There always is turnover in organizations. Palm employees overall are enthusiastic about having the financial stability and global scale necessary to complete their vision.”

The RiF is said to be in the double digits, but not hundreds, which should be of some consolation, we suppose, though our thoughts still go out to those out of work. [All Things D]

Update: HP has provided a statement about the layoffs:

HP acquired Palm as much to benefit from Palm's highly skilled team of engineers and developers as to capitalize on its webOS operating system and innovative portfolio of mobile devices.  While there has been a small percentage of layoffs to date, this acquisition is about growth, and we look forward to taking advantage of Palm's talented team to accelerate HP's expansion in the market.