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Book Giveaway: Are YOU the Greatest webOS Fan?

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Thu, 10 Mar 2011 2:32 pm EST

How would you like to win a prize that will be cherished forever from webOS history? If you're one of the 'greats' in the webOS community, you would no doubt have already said 'Yes!', even before I tod you what this prize was. It's better than some free accessories, better than a free device, better even than a job at Palm HQ itself (OK, so maybe it's not better than THAT). What is it, you ask? It's an autographed copy of the original Palm Pre: The Missing Manual (<-read our review), signed by our fearless leaders from the great webOS community and the author of the book himself, Ed Baig.

As the book makes its way across the US (and into some other countries, as well), the pages inside will be signed by people like Lisa Brewster, Jason Robitaille, Derek Kessler, Jon Zilber, Dieter Bohn, Inglorious Apps, James Harris, Geoff Gauchett, Ryan St. Andrie and even Ed Baig the author. Once the winner is chosen, the finalized copy of the book will be delivered right into your hands to cherish forever and ever (or to sell on eBay, if that's what you want :P).

How do you win? We'll tell you after the break!

  1. Leave your comments below (or link to your answer in other formats, like forum post, youtube video, etc...) about what you do to support the webOS community. What makes you the greatest fan? How have you evangilized other people into our team? What would you like to personally do to help make webOS a success this year once the new devices are released? Answer any of those questions in your own unique way, and we'll put your name in the box to be drawn later this month.
  2. Use the #webOSMissingManual hashtag on twitter and share why you should be chosen as the greatest fan (and thus, as the winner). Or take the easy route and tweet out this message: "I AM the Greatest webOS Fan! What makes you so awesome? #webOSMissingManual"
  3. Check out this project and show your support by either sharing it with others (via Facebook or Twitter) or through a donations. By the way, there's some really cool stuff that will be going on soon with webOS on RocketHub, but we'll get to that later.

When is it over?

We'll be picking the winner of this giveaway pretty quickly, so get your entries in now while you're still thinking about it. The winner will be drawn randomly on the 25th of March and the book delivered soon after.

A few other notes about this giveaway:

  • No purchase necessary, obviously. Supporting the community financially through RocketHub is only one option.
  • Only one entry per person, but we'll love you lots if you share the event with others.
  • The book may take a little bit of time to be delivered, since it's still being shipped to each signee. But you'll get it as soon as it's ready!
Get to it! You've only got two weeks left till the giveaway is over!