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Contest Reminders: Developer Survey and Round Robin

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 09 Feb 2010 12:37 pm EST


A couple quick contest reminders as deadlines loom (LOOM I tell you!):

  • The Developer Survey we mentioned here is still running but will end this weekend. Interpret is putting together an exciting set of data about mobile app development and needs your input. Take the survey here and be entered for your chance to win a Palm Pixi or Palm Pixi Plus. Heck, if those phones aren't your style, you can also opt for up to $550 to purchase the phone of your choice.
  • Since not everybody will qualify for the developer survey prize, one more reminder: the Smartphone Round Robin contest is still running, but will end on Thursday. You can enter to win the Palm Phone of your choice by posting in this thread. Everybody's been asking so here's the news: we are announcing the winners on Friday!