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by rretsiem Thu, 16 Dec 2010 5:05 pm EST
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The Amazing Unit & Currency Converter for webOS! Convertor is an amazingly smart unit conversion utility for your webOS Device.

Convert between over 420 units across 20 categories including currency, time, length, and many more. Packed with a punch Convertor contains over 420 units spanning in 20 different categories. Yes, you read that right. Fumbling your way through 420 units sounds like a chore, right? Not with Convertor. You can enable only the units you want to use for a completely customized converter. With our categorized views and search tools, you’ll be able to find what you need quickly as well. Conversion Categories (over 420 different units supported): * Angle * Area * Currency (Updated on application launch. Requires internet connection.) * Density * Data Size * Force * Illuminance * Length * Mass * Power * Pressure * Radiation Absorbed Dose * Radiation Activity * Radiation Exposure * SI * Speed * Temperature * Time * Torque * Typography * Volume * Volume Flow * Work Let Convertor do the Math No need to do the math in your head anymore before converting a unit. Convertor comes with a calculator to perform basic calculations to get the converted unit result on the fly. On the Money Convertor supports most of the units available at the Yahoo! Finance, that are currently 130 different currency units. Currency rates are automatically updated every time you launch the app with the option to turn off the auto-update to save on bandwidth costs. Changes in version 1.0.6: - new popup menu on the upper right to quickly change enabled/disabled categories or units - added 2 new categories (Radiation Absorbed Dose, Radiation Exposure) - fixed a bug in 2 units leading to wrong calculations

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