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Could Android Run on a Jailbroken Palm Pre?

by Jennifer Chappell Wed, 21 Jan 2009 4:31 pm EST

Evgeny over at the Palm WebOS Blog has let us know about his article entitled "Jailbreak Palm Pre and run Android as alternative?". The Palm WebOS Blog talked about the Palm Pre's processor on Monday. We know that the processor is the OMAP3430 from Texas Instruments. While doing research on the technology behind the Pre's processor, Evgeny found out that Texas Instruments provided a development device based on OMAP3430 processor called Zoom OMAP34x Mobile Development Kit (MKD). After further reading, Evgeny discovered that by starting with the Zoom OMAP34x MDK, engineers can write application software on the same hardware that will be used in the final product, meaning that software developed on the Zoom MDK should, in theory, work on any OMAP3430 device. And again, we know that the Palm Pre is an OMAP3430 device.

After the Zoom MDK device was released, OmapZoom project was formed to gather OMAP developers to work on an open-source project. One of the projects within OmapZoom is porting Android on the OMAP 3 system. The OMAP developers succeeded and there are even instructions on installing Android on Zoom MDK at the Omap Zoom Android page.

Evgeny explains how getting Android on the Palm Pre might be possible. He says that you'd need a 2 stage bootloader and the linux kernel and android filesystem, among other tools.  All of this is very technical stuff and you'll want to read the full article.

But the gist of it is that it seems possible that they will be able to run different/multiple operating systems on the Palm Pre by accessing/connecting to the storage area via some USB connection and be able to boot into more than one operating system by accessing a bootloader. For those like me who aren't gearheads, a bootloader just means that when you power up, you can choose to run, say Windows XP or Linux - which my husband has done many times on my desktop PC.

Evgeny says that the Android project is only a small part of OmapZoom. The guys over there are working on DSP driver, OpenMax codecs, GSStreamer plugins and more. Sounds like developers are going to be having lots of fun with the Palm Pre.