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Could the Pre sell for $150?

by Jonathan Downer Wed, 11 Feb 2009 11:16 am EST

According an article from everythingtreo last week, there are rumblings from inside the Sprint CSR machine (so take this with a massive grain of NaCl), that the Pre could be going for $150 with a new 2 year contract, or $549 off contract. The latter pricing seems a bit more realistic than the on contract price, but at this point anything could be possible. It is worth noting that pricing rumors for the Instinct bounced around $150-$200 before finally settling on $179 just before launch

Personally, I find it a bit unrealistic to expect the Pre to sell for LESS than the non-smartphone Instinct launch price (and for those keeping score at home, this would also make the Pre cheaper than the HTC Touch Pro and Diamond, Blackberry 8830, and the Moto i920 and i615), but with a turbulent economy, and both companies looking to make a splash, $150 could be possible. However, based on traditional launch prices, I'd expect the Pre to go for $179-$199 on contract, with a potential 16 GB version going for $250-$300. Needless to say, it'll probably be cheaper than what these guys are peddling it for via pre-sale. How about y'all? Any guesses as to the launch price?

(Thanks to William for the tip!)