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Create Google Calendar events via SMS message

by Adam Marks Mon, 05 Dec 2011 10:18 am EST

While you are not required to use a Google Calendar on your webOS device, many webOS users have found themselves managing their calendars with Google. It provides a reliable cloud-based solution that can be easily viewed or updated from a wide range of cross-platform devices (including any computer), supports the ability the sync multiple calendars, as well as create shared calendars. While of course not specific to webOS, one feature of a Google Calendar that is not widely known but extremely useful for webOS users is the ability to add or view appointments simply by sending a text message to short code 48368 (which spells "GVENT"), providing that you have connected your mobile phone number to your Google account. As you can see in the screenshot, you just need to include the subject of the meeting and the date and time of the event. It's pretty smart to figure out exactly what you meant no matter how you type in the message

Unfortunately, this feature appears to only be available in the US on certain carriers and it will only add events to your primary calendar. However, you can always add it to your primary calendar and then just move it to a different account in the Calendar App.

Update: Thanks to PreCentral reader gizmo21 for pointing out that this SMS to Google Calendar feature is actually available to many more countries than just the US. Please see this Google page on Supported mobile countries and carriers to see if yours is available

Source: Google

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