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HP's partners eyeing webOS

by Riz Parvez Fri, 13 May 2011 2:51 pm EDT

Earlier this week, CRN writer Kevin McLaughlin posted an encouraging article looking at some of HP’s partners and their initial explorations of webOS, and provides a bit more detail into how exactly they might use “scale” to their advantage. In it, McLaughlin describes some new companies joining the webOS development community, including Synnex, Bedrock Technology Partners, and more. Seeing that these companies have a focus on cloud computing and mobility, it makes sense that they’d see a big opportunity with HP and webOS. Knowing that these developers had already committed resources to other platforms like Windows Phone makes their allocation of time an energy toward webOS all the more exciting.

The article also looks at these new companies’ perspectives on webOS competing in the mobile space. One especially interesting take is that of Kristin Rogers, executive vice president of sales and marketing at PC Mall. According to Rogers, "HP sees this as a significant opportunity for businesses, and I respect the fact that they're not just treating it as a cool product... They're getting the channel to recognize that this is really a platform, much more than just a cool device."

Of course, we all know this is an uphill battle for HP, and this article doesn’t give short shrift to some of the challenges they face in trying to establish a foothold for webOS. Still, it highlights some interesting advantages HP has going into this fight, including robust channel distribution and marketing, and how these can provide a strategic advantage in everything from healthcare to point-of-sale industries.

This is great news to hear, especially knowing that the enterprise market is still evolving, and lately it’s been looking like traditional players in the space are having struggles of their own. Knowing that, this seems like a highly opportune time to for the TouchPad to make it’s enterprise debut. True especially since we've seen multiple providers of enterprise software voice their commitment to webOS, some as quickly as within hours of HP’s Think Beyond event. Certainly there's no doubt that iOS and Android have signficant presence here as well, but it’s still a huge positive that HP is flexing some of it’s distribution muscle to make a place for itself in this highly desirable sector. Also, HP's stance is unique in that it can do this from the ground up, functioning as an alternative to the iPad that fits neatly into existing enterprise IT systems and keeps a business model less likely to make channel partners uncomfortable.

Speaking of flexing it’s muscle, the article also mentions two substantial incentive programs HP will be offering to pave the way for partners to start developing for webOS: PartnerONE and an ‘Elite’ mobility program. PartnerONE will provide partners with market development funds, volume programs, deal registration and technology practice development beginning this summer. That by itself is nothing to sneeze at, and the Elite program promises even more substantial (though yet not clear) benefits when it rolls out next fall.

Source: CRN