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Crop / Edit a photo

by Adam Marks Fri, 29 Apr 2011 9:54 am EDT

One key feature that has been missing from webOS since day 1 has been the ability to crop or edit a photo on your device without having to first connect the phone to a computer via USB mode.  One option that is available to you is to open up the Photos app, find the photo you want to crop, pinch-to-zoom to get the photo zoomed in to the level you want, and then take a screenshot.  If you see the buttons overlaid on top of your picture, just tap the screen to hide them.  And don’t forget that you can even rotate your phone before taking the screenshot if you want to rotate the photo.  Unfortunately, there is one big downside to this process in that the quality of the photo may be reduced since a screenshot only saves the pic at a 320x480 resolution (on the Pre) or 320x400 (on a Pixi), even if the original photo was significantly higher resolution.  Of couse, this can also be a benefit to you if you would rather send a photo to someone that is only a few kilobytes instead of a couple megabytes.

You can also look to third-party apps such as Photo Effects Plus or Image Worker Pro to perform a variety of different actions on your photo in addition to just cropping or rotating the picture, such as determining the resize percentage or adjusting the color.  Each of these app have their own pros and cons (including costing you money), but will get the job done for you. 

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