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by webos catalog Wed, 27 Apr 2011 8:25 am EDT
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Klaus Reger
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CrypBoard uses the clipboard and passwords of your choice to encrypt letters, notes, login information, and more - Instantly!

Many people like to store their data (Notes, calendar entries, To Dos & others in 'the cloud'. That means, the data is transferred via the internet and is stored on foreign server, where the owner of the server can read it without your consent or knowledge.

Most people don't see a problem for non-sensitive data. But, what it the data is sensitive? Should it be stored in the cloud? To protect you, this application lets you (with 6 keystrokes) encrypt any text you have put in your clipboard!

You don't need to know how encryption works, fancy phrases like PGP or shared keys. You can even use it to share data with other WebOs users if they know the password you use whenever you talk to them.

Available in: English & German

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