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Customize gestures in Advanced Browser

by Adam Marks Mon, 04 Jun 2012 1:14 pm EDT

Advanced browser thumbnavAdvanced Browser, by MaKleSoft, is a great enhancement to the stock web browser for the TouchPad, including things such as "Find on page", tabbed browsing, and even a bookmarks home screen. But one of the great enhancements to the browser is the addition of gestures that can be activated by swiping in from either the left or right side of the screen. You have five options that are available, including:

  • Go Forward
  • Go Backward
  • Open Sidebar
  • Open Bookmarks
  • Do Nothing

While the first and last two are pretty self-explanatory, the "open sidebar" option is the most interesting. This feature is adapted from Garrett92C's "Add ThumbNav Controls" patch for the stock browser (available in Preware) that gives you a pop-up menu when you swipe in from the side of the screen, giving you quick access to going forward/backward, share options (e.g. add bookmark, share link, add to launcher, send to paper mache, ReadOnTouch or Twitter via spaz), the bookmark/history popup, or refresh. You can see why Garrett93C named his patch "Add ThumbNav Controls" because this gives you a ton of features with just a flick of the thumb.

To customize your gesture section, swipe down from the top-left in Advanced Browser and select Preferences. Scroll down to the "GESTURES" section and determine what you want to happen when you swipe in from either the left or right edge of the screen.

Advanced Browser for webOS is available in the webOS App Catalog for $2.99 and is compatible with all webOS devices running webOS 3.0 or higher

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