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Data Manager
by sidamos on 1/18/2015 | ; Tags: - none - | 0 comments

This is THE relational database App for HP webOS! Easy to use, yet very powerful and flexible. Comes with 18 example databases (books, car costs, credit cards, passwords, recipes, videos...) to get you started quickly.
All the features you need for managing all your data efficiently:

  • 16 sophisticated field types (Text, Number, Checkbox, Combobox, Date, Time, Link, Image, Location, Rating, ...)
  • unlimited number of databases
  • multiple tables per database
  • relational references from one table to another
  • export and import (Google Docs, csv, Email)
  • optional password protection
  • optional encryption
  • configurable display of fields (visibility, font, color, order)
  • flexible sorting and grouping
  • send data to Email, SMS, clipboard, Google
  • sharing of database definitions with others
  • fast
  • designed for large amount of data (tested with 5000 entries)
  • standard webOS Look & Feel
  • multiple cards support
  • integrated help
  • support for TouchPad
  • simple report by email
  • background color, picture and theme globally and per database configurable
  • create launcher icon for database

Location Services are only needed, if you use the Location field type. For instructions, migration beta/demo to full version and screenshots, please visit the Website: http://software.vivalv.de/