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DataViz: Docs2Go for webOS cancelled [Update: bought by RIM]

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Fri, 03 Sep 2010 7:15 pm EDT

DataViz walks away from webOS

We've waited, we've asked, PreCentral forum members have lobbied, and now we're officially being rejected: DataViz announced today on its Facebook page that it "made the difficult decision to cancel development for Docs To Go for WebOS":

We regret to announce that we have made the difficult decision to not produce a Web OS version of Documents To Go. We understand that our delay in this area has caused much disappointment to our current and very loyal user base. We would like to explain in more detail the reasoning behind our decisions thus far.

Our intention had been to replace the Palm Viewers, which were based on the Documents To Go technology, with a full editing, aftermarket version of Documents To Go. In order to do this in a way that we felt would be most intuitive to users, we wanted to have the full version seamlessly replace the built in viewers. To do this, we needed some technical help from Palm. Because Palm was focusing on other areas at the time (including their very survival), and there was no official information available allowing developers to help ourselves, i.e., an SDK, there was a delay in getting us this information. Rather than do a substantially larger project that would result in a "sub-optimal" user experience, we decided to wait. This wait was much longer than anyone at DataViz expected. During this wait, we focused our efforts on other smartphone platforms, not because we were not loyal to Palm, but because it made "business sense" to do so. We have now come to the realization that it is not in DataViz' nor our users' best interests to continue the wait and produce the full version. We understand that another developer has chosen to create an editing Office product for webOS and we wish them the best. Again, we apologize to our users for taking this long to reach, what is for DataViz and many of our users, a disappointing conclusion.

This decision is both disappointing and irritating for many within the webOS community, especially those who have been loyal Dataviz customers since the original Docs To Go came out for Palm OS. Its rationale is also a bit suspect, given the ready availability of Palm's PDK for months, as well as the fact that the HP acquisition closed more than two months ago, with many, many PDK-based apps being developed and released, some quite sophisticated, since then.

Here's hoping that we get an editing solution in short order, possibly from "another developer" with the interest in webOS users' business that DataViz apparently lacks.

Source: DataViz; Thanks to BruceBradford in our forums for the heads-up!

UPDATE: Oh, well that might explain it. DataViz has been bought by BlackBerry maker Research in Motion for a cool $50 million. So it's not just webOS that's about to be left out of the loop; we wouldn't be surprised to see all non-BlackBerry OS DataViz products discontinued or left to waste away in the land of no updates. Read all about it over at