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by webos catalog Tue, 07 Jun 2011 5:15 pm EDT
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Simple to use app to keep track of multiple important future dates. It will sort all dates in ascending order from closest to furthest date away.

Keep track of the future Days, Hours, and Minutes.

8 custom color text options to choose from

Here is a List of Examples :

How many Days until Birthdays,
Vacations ,
Party RSVP,
Doctor/Dentists Appointments ,
Homework Due ,
School Exams ,
First Day of school,
Work meeting,
Project due,
Bills Due ,
Vet appointments,
Expiration Dates,
Library Books Due,
Touchpad release by HP,
Future Movie release,
New TV Show start date,
Upcoming New Book release

Or Any other things that you would like to keep track of...

Tap on any item in your list and the information will be copied to the Clipboard.

You can Currently Create up to 75 events at a time. (Can add more in future free update if requested)

Delete option available. Easy Swipe to left or right to delete item.

Never forget an Important Date again!

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