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by webos catalog Fri, 27 May 2011 8:12 am EDT
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Simple to use app to keep track of multiple important dates that have passed by.

Keep track of the Days, Hours, and Minutes that have Gone by since a certain date and time.

You can make numerous separate events for anything you would like.

8 custom color text options to choose from!

Here is a List of Examples :

How many Days have gone by since you got your Palm Pre.

Keep track of your current age in Days/Hours/Minutes.

How long ago its been since you started to build your app.

Keep track of when you washed and cleaned your car.

How many days you checked out your library(s) book.

Keep track how long its been since you had your pet(s)?

How many days since you have had perfect attendance at school/work?

How long you worked on a Project for?

Keep track how long has it been since you cleaned your fish aquarium?

How long its been since you have had your pet groomed/bathed?

How long its been since you exercised?

How long its been since your last hair cut?

How many days have gone by since you started School/Work?

Or Any other things that you would like to keep track of...

Tap any item on the list and the information will be copied to the Clipboard or Reset.

You can Currently Create up to 75 events at a time. (Can add more in future free update if requested)

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