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Defender of the webOS community comes out of retirement

by Jason Robitaille Wed, 08 Sep 2010 1:59 pm EDT

Yep folks, he's back!  The self-proclaimed defender of the webOS community has returned from retirement to fight for our current cause: the burning desire to know the release date and specifications of the next generation Palm smartphone. As his newest video demonstrates, he's back to using threats and demands to try and provoke Palm into responding.

The ReleaseMyPre guy first made headlines way back in April 2009 as part of a viral campaign, voicing fans' frustrations at Palm lack of a release date for the original Palm Pre and quickly became an inspiration for us all. Well, an inspiration, as long as you ignore his threats and kidnapping attempts.

Since his first video, he's appeared a handful of times in more YouTube videos, notably his Mother's Day video. His outraged "PALM!!" scream became iconic in the wait for a release date. So much so, that we even had some fun contributing out own outrage in video form.

Now he's back to be our collective voice, pleading with Palm for new device details. He's even got a twitter account you can follow. At this point it seems to us like a win-win situation; either Palm gives in to his demands and we get new details, or Palm doesn't and we get to see more awesome videos.

As he says, "Palm, you are officially on notice." We suspect that his 79 hour deadline will go unanswered ....and we fear that we may ourselves be 'aggressively invited' in the next PalmCast. Stay tuned!

Source: Twitter