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Delete an application or launcher icon

by Adam Marks Mon, 26 Jul 2010 12:56 pm EDT

Ever wanted to uninstall an application or remove an icon from your launcher, but can’t find the delete button? The easiest way to delete any icon on your launcher is to hold down the Option (Orange/Silver) key and tap an icon, and you will get a pop-up with an option to "Delete" or "Remove". Another option to delete an application is to pull down the Launcher Application menu (swipe down from the top left while in the launcher) and select “List All Applications.” You will be presented with a listing of all your installed applications, and all you need to do is just tap on an application to get the same pop-up with the Delete option.

NOTE: Only use the method above to delete those applications installed from the official Palm App Catalog. If you have installed any Homebrew Apps with webOS Quick Install or Preware, you should use those same methods to uninstall those Apps.

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