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Deleted a default TouchPad app? Restore it with Internalz Pro

Sometimes, for reasons we've yet to determine, the built-in first-party apps can disappear off an HP TouchPad. It's rare, but it happens, and for the average user it's annoying, frustrating, and confusing to have a basic app like the App Catalog or Calendar just up and disappear. Thankfully, HP has made it relatively easy to restore these apps, and you can do it all on your TouchPad, though some homebrew magic is required.

First things first, you'll need the excellent homebrew file browser Internalz Pro installed on your TouchPad. Our how-to install homebrew apps guide will give you a step-by-step of how to install Internalz (or any other homebrew app, for that matter).

Once you've got Internalz Pro installed, open it. If this is your first time using Internalz, it will open to the "/media/internal/" folder.

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This is the "usb drive" partition of the TouchPad and where your files are generally stored. The top list item is an open folder with two periods (..), tapping that will take you up a folder level.

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Tap the up-level folder twice to go up two levels to "/" (the root directory).

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Select the "usr" folder, and then "palm" followed by "ipkgs".

You'll be presented with a list of folders titled "com.palm.app.xxx" along with a handful of files below that. All of the built-in app installer files are in these folders, selecting one will display the app icon, a .ipk file, and maybe a few others. The only exceptions are Memos, which is under the "com.palm.app.notes" folder and the App Catalog, which is listed as a standalone file below the folders (com.palm.app.enyo-findapps_XXXX.ipk)

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Select the .ipk installer for the app you need to reinstall and select Open from the menu to install the app. Depending on your settings, this app will be opened to be installed either with Internalz or Preware, but either way it will be restored with no further fuss.

As always, our thanks to Jason Robitaille for tools like Internalz Pro - without it a lot of the homebrew awesomeness and guides like this wouldn't be possible (or would be a whole lot harder). If you too appreciate Jason's work, feel free to send a donation his way - he does this all for free, you know.