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Deleting text messages/IM conversations

by Adam Marks Mon, 04 Oct 2010 12:51 pm EDT

Deleting a text message or IM conversation in the messaging app is accomplished the same way as you would delete a multitude of things throughout webOS: by swiping the message off the screen. However, there are a couple of unique aspects of deleting from within of the Messaging App:

  • You can delete your entire messaging thread by swiping off a full conversation from the main top page of the Messaging App, but you can also delete individual messages from within a conversation.
  • As discussed on a prior tip, you do have the ability to send a single text message to multiple recipients at once. If you individually delete one of those messages from within a conversation, it will actually delete it in all of the conversation threads for each recipient. However, if you delete the message as part of an entire conversation, no other threads will be affected and that message will remain in those conversations until you delete it!
  • And don't forget that while you must press "Delete" to confirm after you swipe it off the screen, if you have multiple items to delete you do not need to confirm each deletion. Just swipe off the next item and the prior action will automatically be confirmed.
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