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Determine a photo's filename

by Adam Marks Mon, 30 Jan 2012 12:30 pm EST

You are browsing through the photos on your webOS device and come across a photo you like and want to get more info like the date it was taken or even just the name of the photo. Unfortunately, that info is just not accessible from the app on either the TouchPad or phones. If it's just the filename you are looking for, the easiest way to figure that out is to choose the option to share the photo via email from within the app. An email will appear with the photo attached and you can then take a look at the filename. In addition, if you pair this with one of the many photo "Improved Photo Naming" patches in Preware, you can also quickly determine the date you took the photo by the filename (that is, if it was a picture from your photo roll). Just make sure that once you find the filename you then discard the message when you are done so it doesn't save the message to your drafts.

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