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Determine your webOS version

by Adam Marks Sun, 20 Feb 2011 10:37 pm EST

With the release of the Pre2 and the announcement that all legacy devices will not get an OTA update to webOS 2.0, for the first time we are faced with a indefinite period of time where webOS users may be running different versions of webOS. Currently, all Pre, Pre+, Pixi and Pixi+ owners are running webOS 1.4.5 and Pre2 owners are running webOS 2.0.1. It is extremely important to know which version of webOS you are running since new applications are being released that only run on webOS 2.0 and later, while other apps that worked in 1.4.5 may not work in 2.0. So, you need to be aware of which version you are running because you do not want to purchase these apps just to find out that they will not work on your device.

If you are not sure which version of webOS you are running, find that out is really easy. Just open the "Device Info" app () and look at the row labeled VERSION. Now that you know which version you are running, make sure you read the app description or reviews to ensure that your device is compatible with that app.

Also, now that the Verizon Pre2 has been released and more users are starting to use webOS 2.0, some of our tips will start to focus on 2.0.  But don't worry, we will clearly label if a tip is specific to 1.4.5 or 2.0.


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