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Developers: Expand your apps with Villo's advanced services for webOS

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Thu, 02 Jun 2011 5:39 pm EDT

The guys at WebOS World just launched something big: Villo. It's a cloud service built specifically for webOS developers and app users that is finally out of beta testing phase is ready for public registration. Villo, to put it simply, allows app developers to bring services like leaderboards, push-chat, profiles and quite a bit more to their applications at no cost and with a simple to use API kit. Those of us that use apps powered by Villo will also be able to create a Villo profile, which will allow us to connect to the Villo services from any of those applications, buy gifts for friends (similar to Facebook gifts), log into chat rooms, check the leaderboards and (no doubt) a lot more.

Villo is built to work very similar to other services that have been created by gaming companies for both mobile devices and pc's, but by allowing all app developers the opportunity to connect with the services, they can create an experience on webOS that goes beyond what other propreitary systems are capable of. Keep checking the Villo website (linked below) to get registered the moment they make it available, or jump after the break to read some of the features (and see some images) that will be made available in this first release.

Want a Pre 2? WebOS World is giving away two of them to help promote their new services. For app developers that have the best implementation of Villo built into their apps, WebOS World is giving away two free Palm Pre 2's (unlocked GSM) next month. If the possibility of making your apps even better than they already are isn't incentive enough for you to try Villo, a free Pre 2 certainly should be. Get more at the source links below.