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Developers: Use open source Enyo for web-based previews of your apps

by Derek Kessler Mon, 06 Feb 2012 8:26 pm EST

Hey there webOS developer, have we got a suggestion for you. Frustrated by the lack of a trial option or refunds for your webOS customers? Wish you had a way to offer a free trial that was easy to find? Have we got the answer for you - use Enyo and the web.

Thanks to the nature of webOS and Enyo, developers are proving how easy it in fact is to take an app, even a relatively complex one like Flashcards, and port it to the web browser. Practically any Enyo developer could leverage this flexibility of Enyo to offer their app to anybody with a web browser (especially once Enyo 2.0 comes around). Throw in a cookie to limit usage to a few hours or days or whatever you want and then redirect users to the App Catalog to purchase.

Putting an Enyo app online, even in time-limited fashion, offers something that Apple, Google, BlackBerry, and Microsoft haven’t been able to conjure: more than just an online description and some screenshots, it's the actual app, easily available for anybody to use. And if you're the type of Enyo developer who's porting your app to other platforms (if you aren't, you're silly), you can use the same website to provide a preview of your app for all platforms. Sure, it'll cost a bit up front to set up a website and pay for hosting charges, but you've got to spend money to make money. We can't think of many better ways to spend that money than to actually make it possible for any potential customer to try your app out on any platform.