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by Equilibrium Tue, 09 Feb 2010 2:04 pm EST
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Diet Control 4.5(Demo) and 5.0(App catalog) release notes

1. Changed Preference screen to allow it to be more useful.
2. No more Calendar interaction to support both 1.4.5 and 2.0.0 and above version.
3. New "Calendar" for The diet control application.
4. New Food Diary screen much faster food selection , fixed many bugs
5. Weight and activity screen has only 2 options , weight update and sport activity selection
6. Fixed progress graph bugs

Users bugs and requests:

1. Amy - Customized added food items are not able to be deleted from the food list
2. Jesse - When I am entering food above my dc points...whole app freezes.
3. Jeff - copy items from one day to another day?
4 Jeff - food diary items should sort by the time they were eaten.
5. Jeff - Make the database you are using a preference.
6. Jeff - Add a preference (or auto calculate from the DC points) a target calories.
7. Carsten - some bugs in the pie chart

3.4.4 update: 1.better performance , much quicker 2.Enhanced search mechanism 3.Fixed bug in which customized food dc point was 0 , in favorites screen 4.Fixed bug in which the amount of items and time was always the latest one in the regular database 5. demo version now can load own database from xml or text files

The new Diet Control application is here!! With new Look & Feel and much more features this application give you , the user what it always meant to do : give you control over you food consumption. Thanks to the entire Diet Control community at for helping me improving this product Using a food �Value� System AKA DC point , In which any type of food has some kind of value , permits the user to eat a certain amount of food as long as he keeps within the boundaries of the amount of point he is allowed to consume on a daily basis. The new Diet control application allows you to : 1. Select food from a USDA database 2. Log your sport activity 3. Calculate different types of food 4. Watch your BMI 5. Backup and restore in minutes 6. Enter a community of users and more

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