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by webos catalog Thu, 12 May 2011 4:53 pm EDT
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DigiCalendar is For WebOs 1.4.X. WebOs 2.X users should check DigiCalendar Pro in the app catalog. Available in English. DigiCalendar is similar to the WebOs Calendar but includes many more features. This is not a patch but a full featured calendar. Some of the features include categories with color, icons, and more event details. You can save events as a template to create many events with similar details. You also get an Agenda, upcoming reminds, and event search. The search allows you to look for events by subject, date, location, and more. You can choose locations and event attendees from your device's contact list or use GPS to get the location. If you have questions or feature request please email support@digikatsoftware.com. Full application details and FAQ are available on our website under support. Please note that this application can not view or edit calendar events maintained by other synergy accounts.

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