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by webos catalog Sun, 22 May 2011 10:57 pm EDT
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Do you have a vehicle? Is the check engine light on or do you need to do some performance tuning?

DigiOBDII is a diagnostics software to connect to your vehicle’s on board OBD-II compliant computer (ECU) to read trouble codes and sensor data. DigiOBDII currently supports 60 sensors you can monitor in real-time. These sensors are based on SAE J1979 which is mainly related to emissions. Although this is considered a standard, your vehicle manufacturer is not required to implement them thus not all the sensors may work on your vehicle.

Metric and US Standard units are supported. The database contains most of the standard trouble codes with their description.

DigiOBDII has been tested with OBDLink Bluetooth scan tools on WebOS 2.1. See the ScanTool.net LLC website for their product information. This application is compatible with ELM327.

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