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DigiScanner - Police/EMS/Fire Radio 7

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 5:23 pm EST
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Available in English. DigiScanner is the first interactive easy to use live streaming app for the Palm WebOS. With DigiScanner you can listen to live broadcast of over 2,000 Police, Fire, EMS, Aircraft, and Rail scanners in your area or all over the world. Select a stream by country, state, and county or listen to one of the 20 most popular streams. You can also view a list of the the 20 newest streams as they become available. Mark a stream as a favorite or view the most recent streams that you've listened too. Includes a listener threshold, snooze, auto start, and user added streams. Some locations may not be available. Feed search available at http://www.digikatsoftware.com

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