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DigiTask: The best Task Manager
by Dieter Bohn on 12/16/2010 | ; Tags: - none - | 0 comments

For WebOS 1.4.X only. WebOs 2.X should look at DigiTask Pro. Available in English. DigiTask is the easier way to manage your task. You can add an unlimited number of categories to organize your task. Your tasks can also have a priority, due date, notes, and much more! You can set a reminder and flexible reoccuring options for each task. DigiTask integrates seamlessly into your device's synergy! The list can be sorted by category and by priority, title, or due date. Perform a name search by typing on the task list. DigiTask is part of the tools suite including DigiNotes, DigiSync, and DigiJournal. Please email us with any feature suggestions.