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Displaying your notifications on the lock screen is a great feature to alert you of any emails, messages, tweets, etc that have come in since you last used your phone.  It doesn't matter if your phone is on the touchstone or was just pulled out of your pocket, anytime you look at your lock screen, you see all your notifications stacked up from the bottom of the screen.  However, this means that even if you have a power-on PIN or password set, anyone who picks up your phone can see the latest notifications that you have received.  

If security is an issue for you, you should know that you have the ability to disable those notifications from displaying on your screen while the phone is locked.  Just open the Screen & Lock app, scroll to the NOTIFICATIONS section on the bottom and toggle "Show When Locked" to OFF.  You will notice that you also have the ability to enable or disable "Blink Notifications" here.  This way you can choose if you want to have the center button/LED blink to alert you that you have a new notification, while still needing to access you device (including entering your PIN or password) to actually view them.

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