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Palm Profile, up in smoke The other day we brought you word of how Palm Profiles were disappearing across the nation after users reset or replaced their phones. While Palm stated that they are aware of the issue and are working on correcting it, Sprint has started giving instructions to users replacing their phones on how to avoid the issue. Apparently it all stems from Palm’s servers getting confused by a new phone having a different version number than the new phone, usually an older version because the new one’s been sitting in a box for a while. Big ups to everybody who sent this in, and to bpdamas for putting it up in the forums

Instructions for users:

  1. Confirm that your replacement webOS phone has been activated.
  2. Power on the phone and when prompted to enter your old Palm Profile data, instead choose “Create New Profile.”
  3. Create a fake/dummy Palm Profile using a different (doesn’t even have to be real) email address.
  4. Once the phone finishes set-up, do not enter any of your cloud accounts (Yahoo, Gmail, etc) into contacts or calendar or email. Just go straight to Updates and check that you are running the latest version of webOS, currently webOS 1.3.1. If you’re not, immediately download the webOS update (if you have a Pre, remember that WiFi will be significantly faster than trying to go over EVDO). If you are running the latest version of webOS, skip to step six.
  5. Install the update. Let the phone reset and do all it needs to do.
  6. Open Device Info and confirm that you’re running the latest version of webOS. If not, go back to 4.
  7. In Device Info, drop to Reset Options at the bottom and select Full Erase. This will wipe the device clean and reset it.
  8. After the phone has powered back on, you will be prompted to reenter your Palm Profile. This time, enter your original login username and password. Since you’re on the same version as your last backup, this should restore all your data with no issue.

Instructions for Palm

  1. Fix this.

...More specifically, one would like to see a way to keep Palm Profile information from newer webOS devices from busting up on older versions. When you think about, though, it makes sense that Palm may need to change some of the backup structures on the Profile.

Here's a better idea: make it so that a Pre is able to do stuff like update itself before you enter your Palm Profile credentials. That's the most user-friendly solution - there will eventually be plenty of Pre phones out there that aren't hooked up to active service but would still be perfectly good WiFi/PDA type devices for some folks. Plus, you know, people won't experience having their Palm Profiles janking up on new phones in the future.

Thanks to everybody that sent this in!