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Do Best Buy Stores Have Dummy Pre Phones and Advertising Materials?

by Jennifer Chappell Thu, 19 Feb 2009 6:58 pm EST

Dieter reported back in January that the Palm Pre was going to be a Best Buy exclusive. HU'S_NEXT, one of our forum members,  is saying that he was in a Minnesota Best Buy store today and asked about the Pre and was told March 1st for a release date and Best Buy exclusivity.  Plus:

He also told me that they have a dummy display Pre and brochures on it but aren't supposed to display them yet.I did make sure he was talking about the "PRE" and not the "PRO" .They already had a Pro dummy phone on display. No I didn't see the dummy phone nor the brochures so we can chalk it up as another hopeful sign.

I've been watching the thread closely today to see if anyone else posted that they'd called a Best Buy store and heard the same thing.  Forum member hotis300boy says that he called his store in Orlando, and the girl he spoke with was scared to say but did admit they had brochures as well as dummy phone.

And forum member lastdetailwd claims to have also called a Best Buy store and got confirmation that they have a 'dummy' phone also.

So, could it be true?  Do these Best Buy stores actually have Palm Pre dummy phones?  If you call or go by your local Best Buy store, how about letting us know if you find out anything? ;-)  I hope it's true, and I'd love for the March 1st release date to be for real, but we've been down that rumor road enough lately to have made several potholes.