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Documents To Go for webOS Delay Confirmed: Early 2010

by Robert Werlinger Tue, 10 Nov 2009 1:25 pm EST

Bad news for those of you who need to edit and create Microsoft Office documents while on the go and were hoping for a native webOS solution before years end. DataViz, developer of the popular Documents To Go suite of software (and the company responsible for Doc View in webOS) have confirmed on their website what we were speculating about last month: that they won't be releasing the webOS version of their software until "early 2010":

As Palm's document solution of choice for over 10 years, DataViz is happy to tell you that we currently plan to release Documents To Go for webOS in early 2010, allowing you to edit and create Microsoft® Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® files on your Pre!

Their website had previously stated "later this year" for a release date.  Not all hope is lost for those who still need that functionality, however.  While this solution may not be as elegant as a native webOS app, remember that you can still use the PalmOS version of the document editing software in Classic to tide you over until Docs To Go is finally released sometime next year. 

This makes webOS the only major smartphone platform currently not supported by Documents to Go, which can't be a good thing if you're a small, struggling smartphone maker trying to gain traction in the corporate market.

Thanks to mwchambers7 for sending this in!