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Don't Forget About Flash

by Jason Robitaille Fri, 04 Sep 2009 9:27 am EDT

Way back on February 16th, it was announced that the proper Adobe Flash would be coming to the Pre and WebOS, as part of Adobe's Open Screen Project.  There have only been the occasional small details since then; both a blessing and a curse. As far as we know, it's still on schedule for an end-of-year release, so here's hoping.

It's no secret that Apple doesn't seem too enthusiastic about adding Flash to their iPhone.  And indeed, many believe the era of HTML5 could potentially bring an end to the need of Flash.  However, the internet as it is right now still has a fair amount of embedded Flash.  Granted, most of the current-day Flash usage is in the form of embedded video players, but there still does exist a nice established framework available.

I maintain my belief from back in March that Flash for the WebOS could open up new opportunities for development.  It seems Adobe agreed. During MobileBeat 2009, it was tweeted that:

#adobe09 @peterlelst @kevinlynch says beta for mobile Flash, unmodified, by end of 09. for embedding in early '10 multitouch, accelerometer

Yep, multi-touch and accelerometer support in Flash format. This could be a stepping stone in making Flash a more modern framework. And don't forget, not too long ago, the HTC Hero was shown demoing embedded Flash, which was surprisingly smooth all things considered.

Just imagine, if Flash ran smoothly on all the platforms included in the Open Screen Project.  Call me an optimist, but I could certainly see that spurring Flash development in the mobile field; a single unified format that the majority of mobile OSes could run.  Just like how companies simply make one mobile website as opposed to mobile apps for each platform, it'd make sense to make a single mobile Flash site, especially with multi-touch and accelerometer support.

Take that one step further with Palm's WebOS. It's literally built around the web and web standards.  It would be incredibly easy to embed Flash into a WebOS application, and with multi-touch and accelerometer support there's some nice potential.  Especially when you consider how many WebOS games are based off JavaScript games. Imagine how many arcade flash games could be ported into full WebOS apps.

So as our homebrew gallery continues increasing, and new updates continue getting released, and people continue wanting more, there's one thing I ask, don't forget about flash.