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by j@ckpotideas Thu, 16 Dec 2010 7:04 pm EST
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***webOS 2.x compatible! Dose for webOS™, a medical dosage calculator developed with the Nurse and Nursing student in mind, a J@ckpot ideas Inc. creation. This app includes a quick, easy to use, unit converter. Dose is like having multiple dosage calculators at your finger tips. Switch between any of them with a tap on the sub-menu. It can perform Unit Conversions between mass units of "mcg" / "mg" "g" / “kg" / "lb" / “oz”, as well as liquid units of "mcL" / "mL" / "L" / "kL", time "min" / "hr" and temperature “F” / “C”. Dose also provides the ability to calculate tablet and liquid Dosages, IV Drop Flow rate in gtts/min given a volume of liquid, period of time, and a drop factor (gtts/mL), IV Flow rate in mL/hr given a volume of liquid and period of time, Dosage by weight and Min / Max Safe Dosage range. With just a tap you can view the formula used for each calculation and a simple description of the input / output expected. Dose was engineered to be a simple educational tool to assist with the process and methods of calculating medical dosages, and to be “always on” meaning no cellular connection is needed to perform any conversions or calculations. Help is always available through the app menu or read the Faq for simple instructions.

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