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Double-tap to zoom

by Adam Marks Fri, 30 Jul 2010 2:24 pm EDT

Pinch-to-zoom is a good way to zoom in and out throughout webOS, but you can also perform a double-tap to quickly zoom in on large blocks of text within an email, website or document. Simply double-tap on the text you want to read and you will find that the device automatically zooms in so that text fits the screen width. If you want to quickly zoom out, just double-tap again. You can also double-tap on a Photo to zoom in to a specific spot.

Website - before double-tab to zoom ----> Website - after double-tab to zoom

  • Note that you should wait for the email, website or photo to completely load, or else the zoom level may reset once it finishes loading.
  • Unlike Android, webOS doesn't 'reflow'' the text to fit the screen width (which we prefer anyway). If text is still too small when you zoom in, try turning your phone sideways for landscape mode.
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