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"Dove white" TouchPad waiting in the wings?

by Derek Kessler Fri, 17 Jun 2011 4:03 pm EDT

While the footnotes of HP’s corporate partners presentation on the HP TouchPad may have held not-that-great news, something on one of the other slides caught our eye:

Available in gloss black (shown) or HP dove white finish (not shown)

We’ve mused about the possibility of a white TouchPad before, but it was only musing. Could it be that HP really intends to release a white TouchPad? It could be, but we wouldn’t expect it on July 1 – when HP announced the Veer’s availability, they also announced that it would be available in white and black. Now, it’s possible that HP’s holding back for a launch day surprise of a “dove white” TouchPad, but if we had to place money on it, we’d say this new unicorn of a tablet is going to be an option for the cellular-enabled version, which is launching on AT&T. We'll be good as long as it's not as much of a unicorn as the white iPhone 4.