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Dr. Battery
by somline on 8/31/2010 | ; Tags: - none - | 24 comments

Dr. Battery: analyze and recalibrate your battery Features:

  • Get the true capacity your battery can hold
  • Recalibrate your battery
  • Get reliable info about remaining runtime
  • Repair your 20% drop 0% problem
  • Try to squeeze out more of your battery

How to use:

Because of the new A6 chip and a change in the source code calibration is not supported on the Veer, Pre3 and TouchPad.

Please use the infobutton on each scene for help To start the calibration, best to start with a battery at e.g.10-20%. Then disconnect the charger/tuchstone let it go down to 0%. The app (hopefully) will tell you to connect the charger (10-30 seconds) before shutdown. Be patient. If calibration fails after battery is charged please set the health to 100% as if it's a new battery and recalibrate again. The health setting is in the app menu of the recalibration scene

How to install:

Install with preware: All Applications -> System Utilities

Package available in the webos internals feed No extra Service necessary any more. Its bundled into this package. Please follow the link to the forum thread below for additional information. If you don't find the app in preware here is the link: