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Dr. Dre has a TouchPad and you don't

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 24 Feb 2011 7:20 pm EST

Wondering when the HP ad blitz for the next webOS products will start? Us too, but apparently the product placement blitz is in full effect. It's no surprise that it's coming first in Dr. Dre's new video for "I Need A Doctor," what with the Beats Audio connection and all.

At around 4:16, the titular doctors (or perhaps the title refers to Dr. Dre? So clever!) from the future show off some Tap-To-Share action, transferring an image from a Pre 3 to a TouchPad while Eminem and Skylar Grey express their anguish over Dr. Dre's medical condition.

Catch the video after the break!


Source: MTV.com; Thanks Brandon!