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Dr. webOS will see you now - Lexi-Comp and PEPID in the App Catalog

by Derek Kessler Sat, 13 Feb 2010 7:43 pm EST

Dr. webOS will see you now

Attention doctors: Feel like getting your medicine on? webOS is here to help, with two new apps arriving recently in the Palm App Catalog to assist you with your doctorly needs.

First up is PEPID, a free app from PEPID. Wrapped inside this app are several medical tools including calculators for dosing, a drug interactions generator, a drug database that includes some 7500 different drugs, and more than 800 illustrations. There’s even a differential diagnosis calculator - for the non-doctor types, think House, M.D., but as a purely analytical phone. While the PEPID app itself is free, it is in reality a 14-day trial of their subscription service. PEPID offers a number of add-on packages that enhance the abilities of the software, including specialized packages for Emergency Medicine, Registered Nurses, study guides, Oncology, and more. Packages start at $89.95 for 9 months access, with longer packages available at a discounted rate.

The other medical app we’re going to talk about today is Lexi-Comp ON HAND, which we’re just going to call Lexi-Comp for short. The app, by the company of the same name, specializes in providing raw data to physicians of all varieties. Currently (and finally) available for the low cost of free from the App Catalog, Lexi-Comp comes with 30 days of free access to the popular Lexi-Drugs and Lexi-Interact databases. These clinical databases, as you might imagine, provide detailed in-depth data for thousands of drugs and detail interactions between different drugs in the same patient. While Drugs and Interact are the only two databases available for the webOS version of Lexi-Comp at this time, they expect to have many more packages available in the coming months. Currently, a one-year subscription to Lexi-Drugs and Lexi-Interact will cost $115.00, with discounts available for two- and three-year subscriptions.

Lexi-Comp and PEPID aren’t the only games in the medical town for webOS users. There are several other medical apps available in the App Catalog, some of you’ll find below:

  • Daily Dose of Medical Knowledge, $3.99, by Brim: A daily dose of high-level medical info complete with references.
  • Dose, $0.99, by J@ckpot ideas: Medical dosage calculator created with the nurse and nursing student in mind.
  • French-English Medical Dictionary, $49.99, by Ultralingua: In the event that you find yourself conversing with a French doctor (or if you’re a Francophone, with an English doctor).
  • Lab Values, $4.99, by Vimukti Technologies: Access more than 150 common laboratory values.
  • MediPDA, Free, by Palmdoc.net: Modular medical calculator with commonly used calculations and medical algorithms.

So doctorly types, with PEPID and Lexi-Comp ON HAND both available now and Epocrates on its way, is your webOS device becoming a better tool for your profession - especially with that delicious multitasking in tow - or is it still lacking for your purposes?