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Draw or write on a picture with Just Draw

by Adam Marks Wed, 18 Apr 2012 4:02 pm EDT

Draw on photo with Just DrawHave you ever wanted to annotate or draw on a photo on your TouchPad but didn't know how to? While it may not be as sophisticated as the options on other platforms, Just Draw by Volatile Nuances gives you the ability to load up a photo, draw all over it and then save it back to your device. It's really simple, as all you need to do is:

  1. Load up Just Draw on your TouchPad
  2. Slide the in the Enyo sliding pane from the right and choose the "Image" button on the top-right to bring up the standard webOS photo selection pop-up box
  3. Find the photo you want to draw on and press OK
  4. Draw on the photo
  5. From the right sliding pane, now choose "Save" on the top right. This will save a copy of the photo in a "justdraw" folder on your TouchPad

Just Draw is available in the webOS App Catalog for free and is compatible with the HP TouchPad running webOS 3.0 or higher

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