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Easter Eggs for Angry Birds Seasons [App Update]

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sat, 23 Apr 2011 9:37 pm EDT

You've been waiting for it anxiously and sharing your pain on Twitter, in the forums and on Facebook. Angry Birds Seasons' Easter update has finally arrived to webOS, thanks to the weekend working hours of the App Catalog team. 

In this latest update, Rovio brings us 15 new levels to feed our addiction in Angry Birds Seasons. You'll be crushing bunny-eared-pigs and hunting down those elusive Easter eggs through each level with those oh-so lovable Angry Birds. Something has us at least a little bit puzzled, though ... why are the Angry Birds cracking open the eggs now instead of saving them? *shrug*

Grab Angry Birds Seasons in the app catalog now, or jump after the break to see the updated gameplay video from Rovio.

via: Twitter