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by pauljaimovich Fri, 25 Feb 2011 2:53 am EST
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Finally, we created a unit converter to fulfill all the limitations that we saw in other similar applications.
Our main goal is to provide a converter for all unit types with an extremely easy to use interface.

Unlike similar applications, our main features include:

- Different options of units to be converted. (See below)
- Unit Calculations
- Easy to access calculator
- Beautiful design with an easy to use interface by Danielo Lipelle
- Moving arrow pointing to which units your are converting to.
- Interchangeable colors (skins)

UNITS INCLUDED: (We cover hundreds of units across the categories below)

- Angle
- Area
- Fuel
- Data (Capacity)
- Density
- Volumetric Flow
- Photometry
- Force
- Length
- Mass
- Currency (With live updates if necessary)
- Power
- Pressure
- Radioactivity
- International System
- Temperature
- Time
- Typography
- Work
- Data (Speed or Velocity)
- Speed
- Volume

We are constantly working on this and similar applications; please feel free to share with us any ideas or suggestions you may have.

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