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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 4:59 pm EST
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This app is a launcher for Echo To Do List. It allows you to open Echo To Do List from outside of Echo. This app works in conjunction with Echo and requires Echo.
Echo To Do List is included with Echo. Synchronizing Palm Desktop 6.2.2 To Do List with Echo To Do List gives you an effective and intuitive task manager on your webOS device.
Echo To Do List features include:
- Enhanced webOS task app.
- Group and sort tasks, by date, priority, and alphabetically.
- View tasks by categories.
- Designed with GTD / Getting Things Done users in mind.
- Advanced search.
- And much, much more. Install Echo and try it today for free.
Palm Desktop 6.2.2 and Wi-Fi or Bluetooth PAN are required to use Echo. USB not supported. Echo is $39.95 to purchase and is a free upgrade to current customers.

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