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This tip is only for devices running webOS 2.0 and higher

While Just Type can be used to search for content on your devices or in the cloud, as well as give you access to Quick Actions, it can also be used to edit short bits of text. This is especially useful on webOS 2.x devices where you can only copy/paste while paragraphs from the web or emails instead of specifics sections of the text. You can also use Just Type to combine multiple strings of text together if necessary

All you need to do is copy some text and paste it into the Just Type bar on your homescreen (see tips for copy/paste in webOS 2.x and webOS 3.x). From here, you can edit down the text you don't need or just select the text you do (see tips for selecting text in webOS 2.x and webOS 3.x). Once you have your required text, just copy it back to the clipboard.

In addition, if you want to combine multiple pieces of text, you can take advantage of Just Type Recent Searches. Paste the first string of text into Just Type and then just swipe up to close the search. Then, copy the second string of text you want and then go back and tap on the Just Type bar again. This will bring up your recent searches. If you tap on that original piece of text you pasted it, it will automatically be added back to your Just Type search as editable text. Just place your cursor where you want to add the second string of text and paste that in (and perform any further edits you need). From here, you can either perform a Just Type action or select and copy the combined data back to the clipboard one last time and paste it within your desired application.

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