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by webos catalog Thu, 12 May 2011 5:00 pm EDT
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Tamoggemon Ltd
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Tamoggemon Editor - your text editor.

Ever felt like writing a longer note on the go? Wanted to edit a text or source file you copied onto the device? Or is creating a HTML page on the run your thing?

Whatever - this app has you covered. Create plain-text files on the go, store them local onto your device and edit them later.

Our app includes the following features:

• Create text files
• Read and edit text files
• Save files onto your device
• Search/replace text
• Send text as Email/SMS
• Can be registered as default app
• Full multitasking support
(every file can be edited in a seperate card)

Editor is a quality app powered by Tamoggemon. Note that it's a pure text editor and not an office program. If you run into problems, have questions or ideas to improve the app, please contact us. We're available seven days a week and always happy to support you. If you have download problems, please contact HP.

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