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Enable auto-run for Save/Restore ZIP file creation

by Adam Marks Mon, 09 Jul 2012 8:59 pm EDT

Create saverestore directory in InternalzAs we described in our previous tip, you can add a script to the Save/Restore app that will allow you to ZIP up your entire saverestore backups right from within the app. This can be beneficial because it will keep historical copies of your backups and also allow you to easily backup your save/restore data to a cloud service like Dropbox or box.net since you only need to backup that one .zip file. Unfortunately, the way that Save/Restore is built, this zip creation script will not automatically run by default during your daily auto-save. This is because of the requirement that you need to run a backup of the script at least once beforehand for it to be included in the auto-save, but since this script does not save a backup to the regular location (but rather your root USB folder) the app does not realize it has been run. Therefore, you need to "trick" the app to thinking that it has been run by creating a mock backup.

You can do this on device using a File Manager app like Internalz (regular or Pro) or Gemini File Manager, or even attach your device to a computer and accessing USB mode. For the purposes of this tip, we will use Internalz Pro on the device itself

  1. Open Internalz Pro
  2. Navigate to /media/internal/saverestore
  3. Swipe down from the top-left to access the Application dropdown and select "Create Directory". Name the directory "org.webosinternals.saverestore" (without the quotes)
  4. Open ANY other directory within /saverestore (it doesn’t matter which one) and find an existing .zip within it (again, it doesn't matter which one if there are multiple).
  5. Tap on that file and select "Copy". Find "/media/internal/org.webosinternals.saverestore", highlight it and tap "Select".

The app will now think that a backup exists for this script and it will now run in our auto-save. Again, be aware of how many of these zip files have been created on your device since these files can get rather large and eat up your storage space if you have dozens of them on your device.

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