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Enable Tabbed Cards (LunaCE)

by Adam Marks Fri, 25 Jan 2013 4:17 pm EST

This tip is only for HP TouchPads running webOS 3.0.5 and LunaCE 4.9.5 or higher

Tweaks - Tabbed LunaCE browsingWhen HP released their Open Source "webOS Community Edition" for the HP TouchPad (not to be confused with Open webOS), the group at WebOS Ports was able to package up those changes along with a bunch of enhancements and released it as LunaCE (pronounced lunacy") in Preware. LunaCE is currently in beta so you will need to go through the process to set-up the beta feeds in Preware, which can be found at testing.preware.org. In addition, you will need to have Tweaks installed on your TouchPad to toggle any of the new enhancements.

One of those aforementioned enhancements is the ability to use Tabbed Cards. While webOS 1.0 introduced the multitasking "card" metaphor and webOS 2.0 expanded that to allow for stacking of cards, LunaCE further redefined it by allowing quick access to switching between stacked applications using tabs along the side of the screen. Once you go into Luna section in Tweaks and toggle the "TABBED CARDS" option, all you need to do is swipe in the from either side of screen and your current application will shift over a little to expose a mini-view of all the other apps that are in that same stack.  Tapping on one of those mini cards will cause that app to be put in focus. Once you get the app you want in focus, tap on it and the mini tabbed cards will disappear.

Technically, you can perform the same action by swiping up to go into card mode and then tapping on the card in the stack that you want. However, this tabbed method gives you a little clearer view of all the apps in the stack and you can cycle through all the apps in the stack without having to go back into card mode each time. 

However, there are a few things that you should be aware of when using tabbed cards:

  • Every time you tap on a tabbed card, you swap the actual location within the stack of the current apps and that one you selected. Therefore, when you do go back to card mode and see your stack, the order of the cards will have changed
  • If there is only one app in a stack, swiping in the from the side of the screen will not perform any action.
  • If there are more than four apps in the stack, you can scroll through the tabs by swiping up or down through the tabs.
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