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Enyo 2.0 beta 3 release brings sliders, progress bars, HTML content

by Derek Kessler Fri, 23 Mar 2012 7:01 pm EDT

Enyo 2.0 beta 3 release brings sliders and progress bars

Less than a month after the release of the Enyo 2.0 beta 2, beta numero 3 is now out, bringing bug fixes, core improvements, and some new user interface elements.

The Onyx user interface style (heavily-influenced visually by but not code-based-on the Enyo 1.0 UI) has gain a new set of sliders and progress bars. There's the basic slider, which can come with or without a "this much" blue fill from zero. There are also two sets of progress meters - the standard progress bar, and a progress button. Both have the option of including stationary or moving diagonal stripes (the moving one making it seem like it's loading faster, or at least working when you've got a larger action to complete), or just a plain gradient. The progress buttons are taller vertically and include an X button to kill the action. As with the Enyo 2.0 beta 2, these UI widgets (and the framework as a whole) are fully open source and support all browsers, not just WebKit.

Speaking of open source, the Enyo team has noted that a number of the core improvements and bug fixes included in beta 3 were "pulled from the community," meaning that even at this early stage HP is actively including work from outsiders in the improvement of Open webOS and Enyo. The biggest change to the core at this point is the reintroduction of "allowHtml" into enyo.Control (we're getting much more into developer-level stuff here), which allows developers to use HTML in the content areas of their apps. By default this value is turned off for security purposes, though developers can enable it for their apps to display rich HTML content, so long as they're comfortable with the security of that content.

There's still plenty of work to be done with Enyo 2.0: the release roadmap HP announced in January has Enyo 2.1 and Ares 2.0 on the docket for April and Enyo 2.2 in July.