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Enyo 2.0 beta 5 brings panels, bootplates, and more

by Derek Kessler Wed, 13 Jun 2012 8:08 pm EDT

Enyo 2.0 beta 5 brings panels, bootplates, and more

While we're still waiting for Enyo 2.0 to come with the rest of the Open webOS kit, we'll take an update to the beta framework when we can get one. In fact, this week we're getting one with a bump to Beta 5. Included in this release are sliding and stacking panels, a 'Bootplate' starter template, an improved API viewer, and an expanded and reorganized developer documentation set.

From the user-facing perspective, the news you'll care about is the new 'Panels' UI widget set, a "highly configurable and extensible way to manage and transition between views" in Enyo apps. We're all well and familiar with Enyo's sliding panels metaphor, which is continuing into Enyo 2.0. The new Panels UI widgets, however, don't fit entirely into that domain. Think of them as sub-panels (like in Sparrow), in that you can have a multi-pane set inside a larger panel, as the sample page (source links below) demonstrates.

There are four 'arrangers' available for Panels: CardArranger (full width, fade to next), CardSlideInArranger (full width, swipe to switch with snapping), CarouselArranger (partial width, swipe to switch with snapping), and CollapsingArranger (CarouselArranger, except the panels stack up on the left instead sliding off screen). Panels is also designed to be extensible, so developers can easily develop their own transitions.

On the developer side of things is Bootplate, a complete starter project that can be used as a template for building your own app. Bootplate is designed to be completely self-contained, even packaging the Enyo library and any other necessary dependencies, making it easier to deploy complete apps across multiple platforms. We read through the Developer Guide page a few times, and most of it's over our head, but we can see how Bootplate could prove to be useful for developers.

Also included in Enyo 2.0 beta 5 is an updated Enyo API viewer that both improves performance and better handles multiple libraries. It also now supports the addition of third-party Enyo libraries, and is included with Bootplate. Lastly, the Developer Guide has been expanded (adding new parts - see above - will make that a necessity) and reorganized into more logical chapters. It's all still on the Enyo Github wiki, though it may eventually move to a new format that'll be easier to handle.